Industrial & Commercial Circuit Board Repairs

Experts at Repairing Circuit Boards
Is Your Industrial/Commercial Circuit Board Damaged or Malfunctioning?
Would You Like Quick Repairs At A Fair Price?
TSS Can Repair Industrial Circuit Boards And Get Them Back To You Fast!

Save Time & Money with Expert Circuit Board Repairs
You can send your damaged Circuit Board to Tek Source Solutions today for a free evaluation and repair quote.

  • TSS repairs most brands at 25% - 50% of the cost to purchase new.
  • Most repairs are back in your hands in 7-15 days, with our Priority Repair Service shipping in just 2-5 days
  • We Guarantee Our Repairs With A Full One-Year Warranty

It's Easy..

  • Alll you pay is shipping.
  • No Estimates - No Surprises... We take pride in our Accurate Quotes.
  • Replace or Repair? Why Guess.. Send us your item & then decide.

Repair Instead of Replace - Evaluations Are Free
Printed Circuit Boards are getting more expensive every day and most circuit boards are repaired at TSS for a fraction of replacement cost. Instead of throwing that damaged board away... Send it to us for a free evaluation and price quote for repair. Click here to Get a Free Evaluation For Your Damaged Item.

All Types Of Industrial Circuit Board Repairs
If you need printed circuit board repair, speed control circuit board repair, power feed circuit board repair, etc, Tek Source Solutions, Inc. can get it fixed fast.

We Service Most Brands
TSS repairs most ANY make and model of circuit boards. Call to speak to one of our customer service reps for help, 1-888-462-0862, email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or use our Contact Page.

How Much Will It Cost?
Our prices are very competitive with the rest of the repair industry, BUT, and this is a big "BUT" ... our repair quality & warranty policy are the best available. We will not skimp or take short cuts on your job. See a more detailed pricing explanation at our Repair Pricing page.

Get Your Equipment Repaired & Back Into Operation Fast TSS can get your equipment repaired and back into operation fast. Our Priority Repair Service is for those situations where you need it back yesterday and is available upon request. A Rush evaluation is usually back to you in less than 48 hours and we ship most completed Rush Repair Jobs less than 5 days after you say "GO".

We Offer Expert Circuit Board Repair
Quality repairs are the top priority at TSS and we stand behind our work with a rock solid warranty.

Most service companies do not perform "component level repairs" on damaged circuit boards. They plug-and-play, using circuit boards as fuses and that is NOT the way to solve a problem. At TSS, we do extensive component level repairs, replacing bad components, touching up solder traces and nodes as well as testing ICs, EPROMs, PALs, GALs, surface mounted components and more.

Single sided, double sided, and multi layer boards are serviced in our advanced repair facilities. Most conformal coating can be removed and re-applied when the repair is finished.