Data Destruction / Erase

Complete Secure Hard Drive Shredding Services
Most companies today are worried about disposing of old hard drives; Tek Source Solutions, Inc. can put your mind at ease.

There are many new state and federal regulations regarding computer and other data that must now be adhered to avoid large fines and worse.

Simply erasing or sanitizing your Hard Drives does not guarantee that all of your client, credit card or other important information is non-retrievable.

Tek Source Solutions, Inc. hard drive destruction service can shred your hard drives, leaving an unreadable pile of debris.

Computer Hard Drive (HDD) Shredding Eliminates any chance of your data ever being stolen or recovered.

Hard Drive Wiping Services - Hard Drive Sterilization - Erase Hard Dives
Our Hard Drive wiping services are a safe and Secure Data Removal and Data Sterilization for any type of Hard Drives.


  • Hard Drives must be functional for Data-Wipe service to be effective. We can shred defective drives to prevent theft of data.
  • Processing time is quoted on a per-case basis.
  • Specifications subject to change without notice

Tek Source Solutions, Inc. DoD Hard Drive Data Wiping service ensures complete removal of all written hard drive data and leaves the hard drive intact and reusable.
This is a great data destruction option for small and large companies alike who wish to preserve hard drives for future re-use.

We wipe all hard drive data by overwriting all HEX values in each Hard Drive sector using special hard drive wiping machines and special DoD hard drive wiping software.

Tek Source Solutions, Inc. can wipe most ANY type of drives including SCSI, IDE, ATA, SATA and PATA.

  • Department of Defense level secure wiping of the entire disk surface
  • Non-Windows based special drive machine wiping to ensure no data is written to the drive
  • All media is handled in our secure services lab
  • Bad drives can be shredded

We provide:

  • Complete count and excel audit of all hard drive serial numbers of hard drives to be wiped.
  • Digital picture images of all hard drive labels.
  • HIPAA Certification of completed hard drive sterilization process.