Data Backup Services

Online, Offsite, Secure Data Backup Services for Your Company or Organization
Tek Source Solutions, Inc. Provides Complete & Cost Effective Online Data Backup Solutions for Individuals & Companies Nationwide!  Online Data Backup of your Critical Information and Files is now the Easiest, Most Popular, and Least Hassle Method Of Protecting Your Sensitive Data.  Furthermore, It’s more Cost-Effective, Secure, and Less Time Consuming than other Traditional Backup Methods.  With Tek Source Solutions, Inc. Data Backup Services, you don’t need a consultant, special hardware, or expensive Disks; you don’t need to constantly remember to manually back up your files everyday.  Your Critical Data is automatically backed up and stored safely offsite for 24-hour access.

TSS, Inc. Backup Solution Benefits

  • Simple, Save and Secure
  • Unlimited Versions & Powerful Recovery
  • Saves Every Backup Archive
  • Global Roaming File Access
  • Access Files from Mobile Devices
  • Unlimited Computers - No License Fee

Don’t Risk Your Data – Back It Up Online and Make it Safe Off-Site
All hard drives are eventually subject to failure – it is not a matter of If, but When. Don't lose your precious hard work – Irreplaceable Company Data, Client Files, Documents, Pictures, Videos, and more…START BACKING UP WITH TEK SOURCE SOLUTIONS, INC. NOW!!!

With most online backup services, you're looking at two kinds of charges: one cost for each GB of data you store and one for each computer or server on the system. That can add up pretty quickly.

Tek Source Solutions, Inc. thinks there's a better way.

  • There's no charge for "licensing" individual computers or servers.
  • There's no set up fee, no hardware to buy and no costly training

Using a simple "tier" basis, we determine about how much data you have stored, then place you in the appropriate tier each month.

  • You pay the flat fee for that tier – and nothing more.
  • You can always check on the size of your backup through the administrator dashboard.